Mega 2560 to Teensy 3.5 Adapter Board

Speeduino Mega 2560 to Teensy 3.5 processor upgrade. Using the Community Gerbers I had a batch of boards made in China. My extras are available today. They are known to work with Teensy 3.5. See Josh Stewart‘s Teensy demo on Youtube. Bare Teensy 3.5 boards $5 each Bare board with unsoldered SMDs, no headers, $10 eachRead moreRead more

My Teensy 3.6 Upgrade

These are two of my Speeduino ECUs. Difference is basically how each attaches to the car. They have until now ridden piggy-back on an Arduino Mega 2560. That’s an 8-bit machine, and it does the job, but I wanted to do something even more different, and I’m replacing that unit with a Teensy 3.6. IRead moreRead more