Drivetrain Back in My Supra

Great day! Friends (left to right) are Jonathan, Mike and Jessie. Thank you guys, so much.

The drivetrain is back in the car. Below is a photo gallery from today’s installation. Sort of makes it look like I wasn’t working, and I must admit, my friends did a ton of work. I definitely could not have done it without them.

We planned on two to three hours and started at eight with bagels and coffee. The jack stands and pads where in place and the engine was on the hoist in front of the car when everyone arrived. The actual work took about an hour. Another hour was spent drinking beer, at the end, and talking about anything and everything.

Jonathan has owned three Supras and is currently down to one. He is running a stand-alone and going with the Hitachi R35 coils. Now I am building two harnesses instead of one. One advantage to this is that it forces me to do a better job. An immediate improvement is that I am not using butt connections for the clips, but crimping and inserting new pins. That makes for a much neater harness. Anyway, on to the gallery…