Mega 2560 to Teensy 3.5 Adapter Board

Selling these was fun meeting new people, but sold out now. Thanks to all who bought.

Speeduino Mega 2560 to Teensy 3.5 processor upgrade.

Using the Community Gerbers I had a batch of boards made in China. My extras are available today.

They are known to work with Teensy 3.5. See Josh Stewart‘s Teensy demo on Youtube.

Bare Teensy 3.5 boards $10 each

Bare board with unsoldered SMDs, no headers, $20 each

Following SMD part numbers

2 – LMV324LIDT op-amps

8 – TNPW0805180KBEEA resistors

8 – RT0805BRD07330KL resistors

Shipping USPS to USA only – $8.55 padded envelope

Payment by PayPal only

You pay PayPal fees please

International by request

Email me at with name, phone and shipping address, as well as email address for PayPal request.

Thank you.