Any great plans for this site were abandoned in 2015. $33,000 had been spent prior to 2015 and there was still much more to go. It was not running and technology changes. Project creep has set in boldly. Hell, the rent alone on my commercial garage is slightly insane by itself.

Supras are not cheap projects. I suspect that not doing a JZ swap vs. keeping the 7M/GTE is a cost multiplier, too.

In 1984 I purchased a 1977 Triumph TR-7 with a plan to modify it with a kit purchased from John’s Cars in Dallas Texas. My engine was a 231 ci Buick and my transmission a T700r4 automatic from a Chevy wagon. Electronics were in a rapidly expanding infancy. The engine had seven possible harness/ECU combinations and the transmission had eleven choices. As a result, no computers were used. Distributor spark and four-barrel fuel. The transmission got a B&M shift kit and the car was driven like a manual. If you put it in drive and floored it, the engine would rev quickly through all gears shifting at about half way to redline on each gear. If you banged it through the gears manually it would honk!

The TR7 was my daily driver, it ran and was reliable, but it wasn’t very pretty. I never once had to tow it anywhere. I drove it until sometime in 1991. All work that wasn’t farmed out was done in a driveway. It’s hard to believe, 1984 to 1991. There are few to zero pictures. Life got in the way and I got rid of it.

My Supra has been with me since 2005. She has been driven twice, lived in three garages and been flat-bedded three times. Not exactly a brilliant example of my mechanical expertise. I can’t say that she was ever supposed to get finished though. I mean, yeah, I want to drive her, but that’s not nearly the whole story.

The plan was always to keep her off the road until finished. She would never be a daily driver. Now perhaps, after 16 years, my 33 year old car will be driven.

— 06/01/2021 More to come here… wait for it 🙂

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